Pintastic Tuesday


      YASSSSSSS....we know, we know...everyone loves Pinterest. If you're anything like me, you spend hours upon hours scrolling thru great beauty tips, beautiful home decor inspirations, and we can't forget those healthy dinner recipes (all while gorging on a slice of pizza.)  It's OK.... a girl is allowed a greasy slice of pizza every once in a while. 

     Pinterest is that little escape I need every once in a while. Waiting in the car for my daughter to get our of dance class.....PINTEREST. Standing in line at the grocery store.....PINTEREST. Settling into bed at night & trying to wind down...PINTEREST....oh and watching the Bachelorette.....all while my husband insists there is no way I am paying attention to both! Oh but I am, it's called multitasking. 

    Calista Boutique has pinned some of the hottest ideas & inspirations. Make sure you log on and check us out regularly. We are always updating our Board's! Makeup & Skinare, Delish meals, Health & Fitness, fabulous DIY ideas, and many more fantastic topics. 


   So the next time your sitting in the waiting room (which seems to be like an eternity)  for your dreaded doctor appointment........LOG on and get inspired.